Article 1: What is a Domain Name…..?

What is a Domain Name

Ok, so where to start. To get to this website, you must have used its domain name, or even possibly come across it on Google or somewhere else…..but at this moment, I’m not going to assume anything. I am however going to pretend that what you are now reading is simply just a book, maybe even a manual on websites that you have in your hand, given to you by somebody who has already learned what they need to know and have passed it on.

So that’s where we’ll start – you are reading a book, not a web page as you know nothing about websites……yet.

What is a Domain name….?


Simply put, it’s how people will find and access your website. It’s like naming a folder so that people can easily find it and look at the contents. It’s normally recognised by the ‘www.’ (world wide web) in front of it when it’s placed on business cards, letterheads or advertising however these days, the www is not always used and so we can also recognise it by the last word after the name, .com. (more on this later).

What domain name shall I choose….?

Whatever your website will be about, whether it’s Business, Pleasure or just a bit of Fun, you have to come up with a name, ideally something that relates to your Business, Pleasure, Fun.

Generally, for businesses, the name of the company is ideal but trying to get the name of your choice is getting harder all the time with the many millions of websites out there already. To check if your domain name is available, you will need to visit a domain registrar online. A registrar is a basically an online shop for buying and registering your domain name. For those that really are computer/internet illiterate, ask a friend to do this for you. There are many registrars out there but a popular one is There you will be prompted to ‘Find your perfect domain name’ on the first page of their website. Simply type in the domain you would like (doesn’t need the www. bit) i.e.’’ and click the ‘Search Domain’ button for it to go and check the availability of your requested domain name.  If the .com name you want isn’t available, you have a few options:

1. Look for the name again using a different extension (the .com) such as .net,, .org (there’s now many more) depending on what your requirements are. will generally throw some ideas at you anyway after your search with the same or similar domain name you’ve chosen, showing available domains and extensions.

2. If you really want a .com domain name (most generally do), then maybe try using your business name and the area you will do business in, example –

3. If all else fails then try to think of something that is related to your project, using describing words to help people know what your website will be about when they see the name such as or….you get the idea.

Ultimately the domain name is your choice but try to go for something not too long, maybe rolls off the tongue nicely and is easily remembered. Also remember that words used in your domain name could help someone find your website when searching for it, but must relate somehow to the content of your site.

Once you have finally agreed on the available domain name of your choice, you can purchase it from the registrar at around US$15 / GBP£10 for 1 year. Note that registrars may offer you deals to buy the domain for very small amounts of money if you purchase maybe for two years or buy Hosting to go with your domain. We will cover Hosting in the next article so maybe hang on in there until you’ve at least read that…….

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