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Before getting into Web Design and the like, I’d been in the ‘IT’ (Information Technology…computers and stuff) business since the late 1990s, starting out in a Help Desk for a very well known British banking institution. It was there that I learned (or rather had it drummed into me) the technique of speaking to customers on the understanding that their second language isn’t full of technical jargon. It was easily done, asking the user to check the ‘coms port’, if their ‘RJ45’ cable was plugged in and ‘could they open up a DOS window’…..you get the picture.

Patience and understanding.  That was the real key to the job (technical knowledge aside). We would get so used to talking to our techie mates in the office, that words would just roll out of our mouths leaving the user a tad confused on what we were asking. Simply remembering that I didn’t even know what a floppy disk was 2 years prior to getting that job, enabled me to simplify the procedure and get the answers I needed quickly to resolve the user’s problems.

From Helpdesk to On Site Technician – that job was a little easier as it was more hands on but still needing to explain to the user what was going in simple terms. This was by no means calling the user stupid or ignorant (although to be fair, a few actually were), they simply had not been in a technical environment and their knowledge was just that, of a User. Not a programmer, not a technician, not a Help Desk operator. It didn’t make me smarter than them, and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do half the jobs they were doing. Simply put, I was trained in my field and they were trained in theirs and it took both of our expertise to keep things running smoothly for that particular company.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, after going self employed during the contractor boom and having had enough of dealing with endless problems with computers, servers and networks, I wanted to explore my more creative side. I decided to leave all that behind, moved to different country and started a Web Design business. That was almost 17 years ago and since have become fairly astute at most aspects of design in the computer industry.

This website is basically a culmination of my experience as both a customer computer support liaison and a web designer to hopefully provide an insight into a world that you may know nothing about, simply because you never have had to.

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