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Welcome to RJK Web Design.com, a site that has been designed to help you easily understand websites, especially for the non-technical among us.

Have you always wanted to set up a website but not sure really what you should be doing? Have you got lost with all the technical jargon that everyone just expects you to know?

Well here I will explain in easy terms, what an actual website is, what is required, and how you can get one yourself.

As I build the site over a period of time, I will start with the basics and work through the processes and the choices of having your own website, whether you do it yourself or get someone else to do all the work for you. At least you’ll have the basic knowledge of what your designer is talking about 🙂


RJK Web Design

About Me

Before getting into Web Design and the like, I'd been in the 'IT' (Information Technology...computers and stuff) business since the ...
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What is a Domain Name

Article 1: What is a Domain Name…..?

Ok, so where to start. To get to this website, you must have used its domain name, or even possibly ...
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Article 2: What is Hosting….?

Following on from my last article about domain names, a quick recap to tie us in nicely to Hosting. So ...
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